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Personal development

Get Past Your Past and Make Your Dreams Come True

Get Past Your Past motivates you to permanent change and lasting success! Get past your past once and for all and make all your dreams come true!


Spiritual site for new age/new thought wisdom, natural health, enlightenment, healing, metaphysical, esoteric study. Guest writers and original works by author, Roy E. Klienwachter.

Manifest Your Heart's Desire - Free eCourse

Free e-course - Free articles. Bring the desires of your heart into joyful manifestation. The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA) draws from Abraham-Hicks, yoga meditation, chiropractic, Science of Mind, more.

Skillstudio - Communication & Presentation Skills Training

Public speaking, presenting, communication skills, interview technique, vocal skills, courses & one-to-one coaching throughout the UK & Europe.

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