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Alternative medicine

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

Easy to understand articles and tips, free ezine.

Acupuncture Point

Acupuncture can help people reach optimal health in a variety of ways. Come find out how it can benefit You!

Chinese Medicine

Chinese herbs and chinese medicines have been used for thousands of years to help people feel better, more vital and live longer. Come and learn what the Chinese knew for 3000 years!

Coral Calcium Supreme

Coral Calcium Supreme from Okinawa Japan as endorsed by Bob Barefoot. Pure marine grade ionic coral calcium. Free PH Kit and Resource Information.

Detox-cleanse.com - Detox, Cleanse and Fast

Home of the Webcleanse guided detox & cleanse program with bestselling author & guru Daniel Reid. Renew your lease on life - detox now with expert guidance + support of others around the world!

I Ching Counseling

Here is an interpersonal method of supportive psychotherapeutic counseling designed to free up inner resources--the same kinds of neurochemical healing and adjusting resources that are activated by pharmaceutical medications such as Prozac.

London Acupuncture

The Helix Clinic is a private London-based practice, specialising in acupuncture and herbs. We also offer free online health assessments.

Natural Cures - Where to Look and Where to Find Them

Natural cures are becoming more and more appealing to more and more people. Do you trust drug companies? There are many that don't, and they can be forgiven for being skeptical.

Natural Health and Home Spa

Unique natural health and home spa products hand-picked by a medical student. Health question? Ask for free and receive professional information. Personal service and fast shipping.

Noni Juice New Zealand

Pure Pacific Island noni juice, certified organic, processed in New Zealand, free deliveries worldwide for natural effective herbal treatment.

Whiplash Injury

Comprehensive resource covering back pain, arthritis and muscle pain

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