Personalised relaxation and meditation CD's

Indulge yourself today with this wonderful personal relaxation/meditation experience created individually just for you.

I am David Leonard, a composer and music producer and I have combined years of experience of recording technology with my diverse experiences of cultures, philosophies and self development techniques into this unique personalised relaxation experience.

meditation for daily lifeEvery CD is recorded specifically for you and I will guide you to a place of peace and harmony like no other relaxation CD can possibly do.

I have spent much time traveling the world from the mountains of California to the Buddhist monasteries of Thailand, where I spent some time in the forest monasteries in the North. I have also explored various more westernised relaxation and meditation techniques.

I have been working ever since to fuse together the central themes of these diverse life enhancement systems to produce a straightforward yet powerful self development tool that that provides meditation, relaxation, with a personalisation that no other meditation CD provides.

I have captured the sounds of nature using advanced digital technology, which I use to inspire the music created in the studio (Based in the hills of Surrey) I then compose the backdrop to the relaxation in total harmony with the ambience collected on location.

The spoken narrative is then recorded uniquely for you, (just submit the name you would like the CD personalised for while you order) guiding you by name through an empowering and invigorating exercise that will relieve your stresses and empower your self image.

composer of maditations for daily lifeThe benefits of this type of personalisation are two fold. Firstly, your subconscious response to the relaxation and positive self image guidance is greatly increased by your name (whatever it may be, I create each CD individually, so nick-names or names you feel most comfortable with are fine) being spoken throughout the relaxation. Secondly, you will reach a relaxed and open state faster and easier due to the familiarity you will develop with my voice saying your name, even after listening just a couple of times.

Whether you are experiencing stress at work or at home, or maybe taking on one of life's challenges like giving up smoking, trying to lose weight or just looking for a more relaxed more positive you, Sunrise Music will support you in an uncomplicated and natural way.

These CD's may be used in conjunction with any other programme you may be using as they contain no hypnosis or mind altering techniques of any kind. A straightforward exercise allowing you to experience life affirming relaxation whenever you choose.

I am sure you will love relaxing and meditating to your 'Sunrise Music' experience. I receive the most wonderful feedback from my clients. Please enjoy

Best wishes