About the artist

David is an artist/musician who lives in Surrey in the UK. He has had a varied career which has taken him down many creative paths. David, meditation for daily life

He spent many years in the recording industry running a recording studio, and providing production and creative skills to musicians, as well as composing and producing his own music of varying genres. After a period of living and traveling abroad where he studied meditation and spent some time in the forest monastery in the North East of Thailand, he returned to the UK and moved into working in the community as a support worker for adults with severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviour.

At around this time his artistic pursuits led him into painting and sculpture and he has exhibited his work at various exhibitions in the south of England. He studied at the school of philosophy in Guildford, and has continued his investigation into cultures religion and self awareness. Sunrise Music is the culmination of his various skills and experiences channeled into a vehicle which allows many people to experience a moment or two of peace every day in a somewhat frantic world. David has three daughters and continues to work in various fields of the creative arts.